vulvodynie et suicide: un cas désespéré

Quelle cruelle histoire que celle-ci:

"In a well-known case, an English woman, Yvonne Wallis, committed suicide in her late forties after suffering from severe vulvodynia for eighteen months. She was only forty-seven when her pain began. She believed that her symptoms were associated with a prescription
cream she used to cure a yeast infection. After being in terrible pain, her doctor told her she was having a severe reaction and the discomfort would go away within the week. It did not go away. She saw specialists but got no relief. Wallis wasn't able to sleep or move around normally, and she was taking sleeping pills and painkillers regularly. In his book (1), her son Mark Wallis wrote: "She would hold my arms, crying and saying that she could not take any more and that no one was helping her. When I would hold her, I felt her whole body twitch with pain".

Yvonne Wallis didn't know anyone else with her problem. In fact, she didn't know much about vulvodynia at all. Wallis was in a rural community without access to the latest research, or even to doctors who were aware of the disorder. She spiraled into a cycle of severe depression. Although proper psychological treatment might have saved her life, neither her family nor her doctors knew enough about chronic pain to help her". (2)

Je n'ai pas de commentaire à faire. Si ce n'est que le bouquin de Mark Wallis est à compte d'auteur et introuvable sur internet. Si quelqu'un a une petite idée...

(1) Wallis, Mark, 1996. Just another woman's problem. Self-published.
Glazer, Howard I., Ph.D., 2002. The vulvodynia survival guide. New Harbinger Publications.

image: Pablo Picasso, "femme qui pleure".

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